The year of the main company

The Italian shoe brand Tuffoni is a brand founded in 1992.

Since 2015, Tuffoni has been launching a designer outerwear line.

In the production of Tuffoni collections, it uses only natural high-quality leather and materials from Italy, Turkey, and Russia.

Tuffoni’s design philosophy is based on an emphasis on the quality of the cut and comfort of shoes and clothes for customers.

The Tuffoni brand consistently pays attention to the demands of fashion and the importance of innovation, so that the balance between these factors leads to premium quality of Tuffoni items.

Tailoring is one of the brand’s strengths. Shoe collections are updated every 3 months, and clothing collections are updated every 5 months.

The main goal of the brand is to give the consumer a decent, high-quality product with a reasonable price-quality ratio.

At the moment, the company manufactures its products in more than 20 countries around the world.

Any woman will definitely find her favorite thing from the Tuffoni brand.