The Italian shoe brand TUFFONI
Fine quality and unique design

The Italian shoe brand TUFFONI was established in 1990 when the demand for fine-quality shoes was very high, but the offer was too low. Since the
beginning TUFFONI has been a big success in European countries, such as former Yugoslavia, Germany, Czech Republic.

In the early 2000s TUFFONI started to sell in the Russian Federation. Russian women immediately fell in love with TUFFONI style and comfort, and over the
decades footwear from TUFFONI have steadily had high demand among Russian customers.

Год основная компании
обувь от TUFFONI стала продаваться и в Россиийской Федерации
Одежда от TUFFONI стала продаваться на Российском рынке


Among key features of TUFFONI footwear - exclusive styles, unique designer’s signature, “made with passion” philosophy. 

All the TUFFONI shoes are HAND MADE.


TUFFONI produces 4 collections a year, each of them being created by Italian shoe designers. All the TUFFONI collections are made with 100% Genuine Italian Leather.

Tuffoni brand

People behind TUFFONI shoes are devoted to quality, style and comfort, which make women from around the world instantly fall in love with our brand.